Rosemary works stimulatively, calms down the skin, accelerates blood circulation and feels good on problematic and sensitive skin. It refreshes, disinfects and rejuvenates it and has a positive effect on thinking processes. It is used for baths and with its distinctive smell takes you to Mediterranean for a short period of time…

Soap is hand made from vegetable oils with cold process, which ensures that natural glycerin is kept, with pure natural essential oils and grinded rosemary added. At the end of the process grape seeds oil is added, which encourages skin activity and feeds it. After the use skin is soft, smooth and flexible.
Soap with rosemary has a positive effect on skin with psoriasis, skin fungus and different other infections. It can be also used on hair with dandruff.

Vegetable oils: palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil, soybean oil and sunflower oil.
Supplements: grinded rosemary, rosemary essential oil and grape seeds oil.