Mint / Cinnamon Soap 100g




Peppermint essential oil improves concentration, eases headaches and helps with tension. With external use it cools down the skin and mucosa and works as a local anesthetic (menthol). It is commonly known that peppermint is refreshing, stimulative and invigorating. Cinnamon is an extremely popular spice, which is used in cosmetics for soaps, shampoos, creams etc. It has a calming effect, heats up the body with acceleration od circulation and helps with renewal of the skin.

Soap is hand made from vegetable oils with cold process, which ensures that natural glycerin is kept with pure natural essential oils and grinded cinnamon added. At te end of the process grape seeds oil is added, which encourages skin activity and feeds it. After the use skin is soft, smooth and flexible.

With its smell of peppermint soap invigorates your skin for several hours, helps with concentration and has a positive effect on muscles, added cinnamon works calmingly and as disinfectiant.
Vegetable oils: palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil, soybean oil and sunflower oil.
Supplements: cinnamon powder, peppermint essential oil and grape seeds oil.


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