Lavender essential oil works calming and aromatic and helps with insomnia. It also works perfectly against nervous tension and eases headaches, because it stimulates the nervous system. Lavender is commonly used for care of different types of skin, especially with small wounds, insect bites, burns, fungal inflammations, dermatitis, greasy skin and acnes. It is different from other essential oils, because it can be used directly on skin without dilution. Lavender is also know that it encourages cell growth, works rejuvenating and prevents the growth of microorganisms. It can be also used as a repellent, because it repels insects (moths and mosquitos).

Soap is hand made from vegetable oils with cold process, which ensures that natural glycerin is kept, with pure natural essential oils and lavender blossoms added. At the end of the process grape seeds oil is added, which encourages skin activity and feeds it. After the use skin is soft, smooth and flexible.

Soap works against stress with rich, soft foam, mixed with blossoms; quality lavender essential oil pampers you and gives the skin silky feeling. After the use your skin is soft and the smell gives you a feeling that you are in the middle of a beautiful lavender meadow…

Vegetable oils: palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil, soybean oil and sunflower oil.
Supplements: lavender essential oil, lavender blossoms oil and grape seeds oil.